Folios Magnum Ultra-Fit (70x110mm) Estandar


Folios Transparentes (Incoloros) (Etiqueta plateada) 70×120 mm Standard

Sin existencias


    Folios para cartas Magnum Ultra-Fit  (70x120mm) Estandar (Pack x100 Unidades)

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    Folios Magnum Gold Ultra-Fit premium


    Popular para usar con:

    Addictive Alchemy (Large cards)
    Atlantis Rising (second edition): Hologram Deck mini-expansion
    Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig
    Brutal Kingdom
    Campaign Trail
    Capes & Cowls: The Superhero Board Game
    Castelli (Large cards)
    Coma Ward
    Commissioned (Large Cards)
    Dark Horse
    Day & Night
    Dragon’s Hoard
    Dreaming Spires (Large Cards)
    Dungeon Roll
    Dungeon Roll + all expansions
    En Garde
    Fast Forward: FLEE
    Fast Forward: FORTRESS
    Fast Forward: FORTUNE
    Felix: The Cat in the Sack
    Feudalia: Military Expansion
    Hoity Toity -large cards
    Knightmare Chess
    Knightmare Chess 2
    Knights of Ten
    Kombat Kittens
    Lost Cities
    Money (Gryphon Version)
    Murder at Blood Mansion
    Night And Day
    Periodic: A Game of The Elements
    Rice Dice
    Scythe (Large Cards)
    Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce
    Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce – 2 in 1 Expansion
    Slasher: The Final Cut
    Spy Club
    Starfarers of Catan (German Edition)
    Starfarers of Catan (Large Cards)
    Trickerion: Collector’s Edition
    Trickerion: Legends of Illusion (Large Cards)
    Trickerion: Magician Powers Expansion (Large Cards)
    Tyler Sigman’s Crows
    Unexpected Treasures
    X-ODUS: Rise of the Corruption

    Folios hechos a medida para tarjetas de tamaño: 70×120 mm

    English description:

    Expertly crafted card sleeves to protect all of your 70x110mm cards!

    Popular for use with:

    Lost Cities™
    Many more!
    Magnum Ultra-Fit “Lost Cities” Card Sleeves

    Custom crafted for cards sized: 70x110mm
    Best fit in the industry!
    100% Archival Safe
    Clear Polypropylene

    Many games! Check the list HERE.

    Peso 0,030 kg
    Dimensiones 8 × 5 × 1 cm

    Espesor de 90 micrones

    Pack x50

    Pack de 50 unidades


    Folio transparente incoloro


    Etiqueta plateada


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